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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs*************** Used to restore normal body functions and to treat sickness, Chinese medicines and herbs have been used for thousands of years and are recognized for their abilities to improve health, vitality, and life expectancy. These herbs often have few or no side effects in contrast to commercial drugs.Differing dramatically from scientific medicine, Chinese medicine focuses on treating the entire body to promote health. The emotional and spiritual health of a patient, in addition to total wellness, are considered when treating and diagnosing conditions and problems. When illness or disease is present, the condition is considered a symptom of the person being out of balance.Holistic and homeopathic treatments are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine including massage, stress-reduction, acupuncture, exercise, cupping, lifestyle change, moxibustion, and herbal medicine. Chinese Herbs Directory ******************** Ashwagandha has been used as an herbal remedy for hundreds of years. It has many applications, and has been used by Native Americans and Africans to treat inflammation, fevers, and to protect against infection or illness. It has also been used to boost the immune system, improve memory, and to promote overall wellness.Ashwagandha is a shrub that flourishes in India and North America. The roots of the ashwagandha plant have been employed for millennia by Ayurvedic healers. Ashwagandha has many beneficial elements, including flavonoids and members of the withanolide class. Numerous modern studies have found that ashwagandha is very effective in reducing inflammation, treating tumors, decreasing stress, increasing mental activity, invigorating the body, and as an antioxidant.Scholars at Banaras Hindu University, located in Varanasi, India, have conducted research that has shown that many of the elements of ashwagandha are antioxidants. The researchers looked at the effects these elements have on the brains of test animals and found that ashwagandha led to larger amounts of three different natural antioxidants: superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase. The scholars conclude, “These findings are consistent with the therapeutic use of W. somnifera as an Ayurvedic rasayana (health promoter). The antioxidant effect of active principles of W. somnifera may explain, at least in part, the reported anti-stress, cognition-facilitating, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects produced by them in experimental animals, and in clinical situations."For years, Indians have prescribed ashwagandha as a treatment for cerebral disorders in the elderly, including memory loss. Scholars from the University of Leipzig looked at the effects of ashwagandha on the brain. They dosed rats with ashwagandha and then looked at their brains to see if ashwagandha affected neurotransmitters. The research showed that ashwagandha led to more acetylcholine receptor activity. The scholars concluded that the increase of activity in that particular neurotransmitter could account for the increase in cognitive ability and memory that is attributed to ashwagandha.Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center also looked at the effects of ashwagandha. They found that extracts of the shrub had activity that was similar to GABA, which could explain why the plant is effective in reducing anxiety.Another study, conducted in 2002, found that ashwagandha leads to increased growth of axons and dendrites. Another study in 2001 found that the plant can enhance memory. A 2000 project indicated that ashwagandha reduced anxiety and depression in animals

Echinacea * Chinese Herbs

Echinacea * Chinese Herbs*************** Echinacea is a very popular herbal remedy, but its full potential is not completely known by many in the medical profession. For hundreds of years, Echinacea was used by numerous cultures to promote better health.Echinacea, sometimes called coneflower, is a wildflower that flourishes in meadows or wet valleys in the Midwestern United States. Echinacea is most famous for its medicinal properties, but it is also common in gardens since it has striking purple blossoms.Echinacea works to increase the activity of the immune system by stimulating white blood cells, which attack the viruses and bacteria that lead to illness or infection. This also makes it very beneficial for people with AIDS since their immune systems are weakened. This application of Echinacea is being extensively researched, since the full effect of the immune system on AIDS and cancer is still unknown. Echinacea is also every effective in treating respiratory ailments like colds. Some research has found Echinacea to be effective as an antiviral or antifungal, which also helps it fight infection. The full potential of Echinacea, for these applications and others, still needs to be thoroughly studied.In some parts of Europe, Echinacea is taken in an IV as supplemental treatment for some forms of cancer. Some European medical professionals also inject Echinacea to remedy infections of the urinary tract. However, neither of these practices are common in America.Echinacea can also be used externally to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It can also be an ingredient in hemorrhoid treatments or to sooth inset bites. Some people use it to shield their skin from sun damage.To make a tea out of Echinacea, use 1-2 teaspoons of Echinacea in a cup of unheated water. Slowly heat the mixture until it is boiling and let simmer for 10-12 minutes. The tea can be taken three times daily.If you are taking it in tincture form, take 1-4 milliliters three times daily.

Green Tea ** Chinese Herbs

Green Tea ** Chinese Herbs********************Chinese legend says that over four thousand years ago, green tea was accidentally discovered. Today green tea is used to treat problems including depression, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, aches, and pains. It is also used to boost the immune system, to prolong life, to detoxify, and to provide energy.Teas generally all come from the tea plant; what causes each tea to differ is how it is prepared. Green tea differs from oolong and blank tea because the active components stay unchanged because it is not fermented. In addition to various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, green tea contains organic chemicals called polyphenols, or epigallocatechin gallate, that produce its medicinal properties.Early scientific studies are showing that green tea may be able to lower cholesterol, especially the dangerous LDL cholesterol. They also suggest that this tea might improve cardiovascular health by causing blood platelets to be less sticky.Green tea is known to be a detoxifier and an antioxidant and can help prevent atherosclerosis.Other studies show the possibility of green tea having the ability to restrain cancer. The polyphenols in green tea stopped the spreading of melanoma cells in scientific experiments on animals and may also be able to lower the risk of certain cancers in humans.Green tea also has the ability to reduce bacteria causing dental cavities and harmful bacteria found in the stomach.No specific recommendations are currently given for green tea; however, most people drink around 3 cups of tea each day. Some research indicates that as many as 10 cups of green tea may be needed each day to make a noticeable difference in health.Green tea is made by adding 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves to 1 cup of hot (not boiling) water. Steep for 3 minutes

Recipes for Weight Loss

Recipes for Weight Loss **************************** The main benefit offered by a juice fast, to those who wish to lose weight, is the speed of the weight loss. Initially, weight loss can be as high as three-to-four pounds per day, but as the fast continues, the average loss will be one pound-per-day.To see a person drop 30-to-40 pounds in a 30-day juice fast is to see a person totally transform his life. Self-esteem is given a boost and for the first time in their life, discipline becomes a lifestyle. The fast becomes a catalyst for a total life overhaul. People start dressing better, showing more confidence, becoming more organized, more dedicated in relationships and more at peace.Morning Sunshine Smoothie2 large oranges1 red grapefruit6 frozen strawberries1/2 bananaSqueeze the juice from the oranges and grapefruit.Put the juice in a blender and blend with the strawberries and banana. Watermelon Dream Juice2 cups cubed watermelon, cold2 cups cubed cantaloupe, cold1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeledPass the ingredients through a juicer. Strawberry Thirst Quencher Smoothie1/2 cup frozen strawberries1 cup orange juice2 tsp. fresh squeezed lemon juicePut ingredients in a blender. Carrot Cleanser Juice4 large carrots1 stalk of celery1 applehandful spinachjuice from 1/2 lemon (optional)Pass the ingredients through a blender

Freejuicer recipes

Apple Pineapple Ginger Juice Recipe1 apple, cored and sliced1 cup fresh pineapple, cubed, skin removed1/2 inch fresh gingerJuice the apple and ginger together, then juice the pineapple and serve.Blueberry Grape Juice Recipehandful of grapes1 cup blueberries, fresh or thawed from frozenProcess the fruit in a juicer and serve.Apple Kiwi Juice Recipe3 kiwis, peeled2 apples, cored and slicedProcess the fruit in a juicer and serve.Pineapple Orange Strawberry Cocktail1 orange, peeled and sectioned1 cup fresh pineapple, cubed, skin removed5 strawberriesProcess the fruit in a juicer and serve.Cucumber Celery Cooler Recipe4 medium carrots, greens removed1/4 medium cucumber, peeled1 stalk celery1 apple, sliced1/2 lemon, peeled (optional)Process the ingredients in a juicer and serve.Calcium Drink Recipe1/2 cup fresh broccoli pieces3 medium carrots, greens removed1 applesmall handful fresh parsley1/2 lemon, peeled (optional)Process the ingredients in a juicer and serve.Potassium Drink Recipe4 medium carrots, greens removed1 stalk of celery1 applehandful of fresh parsleyhandful of fresh spinach1/2 lemon, peeled (optional)Process the ingredients in a juicer and serve

Helthy potato recipes

Helthy potato recipes*********************** Golden Potato Bake(Serves 4)4 - 6 medium potatoes, peeled1/2 cup bran flake cereal2 tbsp. butter, melted1/4 tsp. onion powder1/4 tsp. garlic powder1/2 tsp. sea salt-------------------------Heat oven to 375 degrees. Crush the cereal into crumbs. Mix crumbs, salt, onion and garlic powder. Brush potatoes with the melted butter and coat with crumbs. Bake uncovered 1 to 1 1/4 hours. Potato Pancakes4 medium potatoes, grated1 onion, minced1 egg white, slightly beaten3 tbsp. applesauce, unsweetened1/3 cup whole wheat flour1/4 tsp. nutmeg1 tsp. fruit sugar1/2 tsp. onion powder1/2 tsp. garlic powder1/2 tsp. Bragg's seasoning, or sea salt1 tbsp. canola oil Add the grated potatoes with all of the ingredients, except the flour. Mix well. Add enough of the flour so that the mixture will stick together. Drop by 1/4 cup into a hot skillet until lightly browned on both sides - Cubed Moist Potatoes7 large potatoes, cubed1 onion, chopped1 tbsp. low-salt chicken base1 tsp. garlic powder1 tsp. onion powder1 tsp. Vegit, or low-salt seasoning1 tsp. fruit sugar2 cups peas, frozen2 tbsp. butter1/2 tsp. Bragg's seasoning, or sea salt3 cups water, boiledFry the onions and potatoes in the butter until lightly browned. Pour in the hot water and add the seasonings. Simmer until the potatoes are tender. Add the peas during the last 3 minutes of cooking.

Helthey benefits of flax oil

Helthey benefits of flax oil****************************Flax oil, with the possible exception of hemp oil, is considered the most nutritious of oils. With generous quantities of Omega-3 fatty acid (over 50% by volume) and Omega-6 fatty acid (around 20%), flax oil has been touted as a healing oil by many different writers and healers. Flax oil also contains unsaturated alpha linolenic, carotene, and vitamin E.Ocean fish is often promoted because of its high levels of Omega-3; however, mercury and other toxins that have crept into our oceans are slowly poisoning our fishy food supply. It’s better to get your Omega-3 from other sources, particularly if your health is compromised by cancer or other diseases already Flax was cultivated over 7,000 years ago, and the healing properties of its seeds, used as medicine in both humans and livestock, were described by the ancient Greeks. It was apparently forgotten about for many hundreds of years, but today people are adding flax oil to their diets once more.Flax oil should be cold-pressed and immediately stored in an opaque bottle in either the refrigerator or freezer in order to preserve its beneficial qualities. When sealed, the bottle has a refrigerator shelf-life of four months and will last in the freezer for a year; but once you open it, it will last only two weeks. It’s a great oil to use in salad dressings because it is both good for you and very tasty, with a mild, nutty flavor.Another very good way to eat your flax oil is by mixing it with cottage cheese. Proteins in cottage cheese bind well with flax oil, making it even more digestible, and the flavors blend well. With your flax oil, cottage cheese, and some fresh fruit, you have the makings of a great and healthful meal!

Nutritious Green Barley Leaves and Grain

Nutritious Green Barley Leaves and Grain******************************The west has largely considered it to be a cereal grain. Barley leaves and barley grain, as are some other grains, are each uniquely endowed with nutritive values and provide their own special benefits. The green barley leaves are especially rich in the enzymes that are destroyed by cooking our foodsIf you do not have the ability to pluck the young tender leaves from the field, as is the situation of nearly everyone, the benefits may be realized by taking the dried leaves in tablets or as a loose powder. Barley leaves are able to provide complete nutrition for people of all ages, from infant to old age. It is rich in protein and has 'every' enzymethe case of serious disease, such as arthritis or cancer, the enzymes are better utilized by taking the dried barley grass in the period of 2 hours after a meal to 20 minutes before the next meal. This plan allows the enzymes to be taken directly into the blood stream where they are used by the body to repair and healbarley grain is available as 'pearl' barley that is devoid of most of its nutritional value. It cooks quickly and is popular for making soups etc. It's most nutritious form is called 'hulled' barley which retains the bran layer. In the hulled state it requires overnight soaking to tenderize it before cooking. Processed barley grain come in several forms, barley is rolled into flakes, toasted and cracked to become 'grits' and if may be found as black barley, which has a black exterior to the grain.

Grapes For Health And Weight Loss

Grapes For Health And Weight Loss***********************************************Today you can have for your health library an annotated and updated version of Johanna Brandt's natural health classic, a book you can use to lose weight and feel great. And, yes, the techniques found in this eBook version of The Grape Cure can still be applied if you have a serious illness and if you are willing to take responsibility for your health and illness and work with a qualified physician who has an interest in nutritional healing.Instead of those boring and painful starvation diets, why not try The Grape Cure to lose those extra pounds around the middle? Most people who utilize this natural healing system report losing anywhere from five to ten pounds a week.Unlike many modern health books that require a Ph.D. in biology to understand, The Grape Cure was written by a woman who figured out on her own how to heal her physical problems. You'll enjoy The Grape Cure because it reads more like a

Children and a network of Lent - www

There is no doubt that there is impact, the global information network on children and refers to the ability to deal with with what kindly provided by this network of services for children and the most games and entertainment However, this network could harm children if there is no guidance from the adults for these children in the proper use of this web site However, there are plenty of sites to provide many specialized services for children And must therefore be on the parents for their children, continuous monitoring and the proper orientation to them to use this modern technology for their benefit and develop their knowledge and ideas For example, things that can be learned of the child of the network Learning different languages The teaching of programming languages Teach some skills Learning how to extract information In the end, we wish all the best with the time --- www

Nature-friendly for your skin (first episode) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Tomato

Nature-friendly for your skin (first episode) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Tomato mask for the skin fatty: Tomato is the best depends upon the narrow pores of the face to force the skin clutch Ingredients: fruit tomatoes + half a Lemon peel + some drops of lemon juice Usage: mashing tomatoes and fruit Izaf humans lemon peel and juice, and put the mask on the skin for a quarter of an hour, then rinse with warm water Banana mask to resist wrinkles **********************: Banana fruits rich in vitamins, making it one of the best foods for healthy skin and hair and uses the juice painter condemns Vicsabha smoothness and vitality Ingredients: fruit banana + three tablespoons milk Usage: mashed bananas and fruit mixed with milk and then distributed to the skin with a focus on places of wrinkles and leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water Mask starch for the treatment of macro-pores: Starch is used for the treatment of grain face and macro-pores and sunburn own part because it Mndva good for the skin Ingredients: one tablespoon starch + a little warm water + a little olive oil Use: First, paint the skin with olive oil and then mixed with starch and water, then placed on the skin for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water Mask option for the treatment of skin pallor &&&&&&&&&&&&&&: & & & Option is characterized by its benefits of health and aesthetic most important of the many clear positive effect of the pores of astringent addition to the whitening effect on skin and get rid of halos under the eyes and black spots and impurities that affect the skin Ingredients: half a cup bleached option + egg whites + 2 tablespoon milk powder e Use: mix ingredients well to the work of a thin paste and leave on face for 20 minutes and then rinse face with warm water and then cold Fresh orange mask for the skin ++++++++++++++++++ : Characterized by the mask shown to refreshing the skin and can be used several times a week is suitable for all skin types Ingredients: orange juice, half + three tablespoons honey Use: heated honey with orange juice over low heat until it melts and leave to cool slightly, then placed on the face for twenty minutes and then wipe بواسطه Qatana drenched warm water Mask barley stressful for the skin (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( (((: Ingredients: 2 tablespoons powdered barley + 2 tablespoon of minced fresh mint paper + 2 tablespoon honey + tablespoons milk Usage: turn the barley, honey and mint with a fork then add the milk and put the mask on the The skin for thirty minutes and then rinse the face with cold water Milk, mud mask for the treatment of acne )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))): Enter the milk in the preparation of many of the skincare and special masks to effect humidifier And nutritious and used this mask for deep cleaning of the skin helps to remove the fatty skin, fat And rid of blackheads, acne and is used once a week failed to conduct even the skin of the drought. Ingredients: 12 tablespoon yogurt + 2 tablespoon clay + 2 tablespoon water potatoes. Use: There is mud on the skin in pharmacies, either to fetch water, potato water, which is climbing all the potato mix and placed on the skin for twenty minutes and then rinse face with warm water and put moisturizing cream on the skin This mask is one of the very old recipes for skin care that are reputed to use and beautiful princesses in the past White flour 4 tbsp White honey 2 tbsp Of milk 2 - 3 tbsp Add the honey and the exact right amount of milk to make dough and then placed the dough on the skin for 30 minutes and then rinse face with warm water Islands mask for sensitive skin: ************************************ Islands is one of the richest vegetable vitamin A is essential for health and safety experts have advised the skin such as plastic drink juice Aldzrbesorh regularly to improve skin color and serenity Ingredients: half a medium-sized carrot + quarter tablespoon honey Usage: Add the carrots and pressed him honey and leave on the skin for a quarter of an hour

Nature-friendly for your skin (the second)

Nature-friendly for your skin (the second) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) For full body exfoliation - Grain Oats - SweetAshley the amount of lemon juice - three tablespoons honey - The amount of full-fat milk SweetAshley The way 00000000 Grind oats until the powder catback Then mix all ingredients until the oats with milk Ka is very soft, and leaves A quarter of an hour and then placed on various Taq us the body and focuses on Alodhira and elbows And left to dry thoroughly after it Nbll hands-Bains good start for water and rubbing the face and the rest of the Peels away the body even after the body wash with warm water and almond oil painting Recipe tested for bleaching facial rejuvenation ***************************** Rose water 3 tablespoons Tablespoon starch ½ cup water Mixed with some put on the fire and cool a bit and put on the face Mlahoudp Delirious recipe is enough for 3 days To bleach the skin and liquidation of the skin ************************ Tablets mashed Strawberry + yogurt spoon + spoon of castor oil Method: mix well and put on the face of the night once from twenty to forty minutes, 0 Delirious recipe tried and you see a definite 0 Mask cleaner and wonderful: ***************** It is only used once a week only and never more than twice Which is very suitable for the fatty skin and the treatment of acne This mask is composed of Zbaadi 4 tbsp Mud 2 teaspoon Potato water 2 teaspoon Mix all ingredients well to the work of soft paste .... Paste applied on the face, avoiding areas Thin around the eyes and relax for 15 - 20 minutes Then rinse the face with warm water and put fresh or moisturizer for the skin. This deep cleaning mask on the skin and therefore helps to rid the pores of the fat And dirt deposited by helping to get rid of blackheads and grains face ... Used Mask an average of once a week and a maximum of twice a week .... As it displays the skin of the drought Battiykm Haltraiqa skin care, God willing, Wa Ptviedkm Of course, apple cider vinegar helps to clean the skin of impurities and HEAD black and abandoning a pure and Safh More resistant to weather and aging ...... Way: Put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup and spoon Samoens boiled apple cider vinegar and mix and Alamueh The Fallen Lynn is cool and then, Pocket cotton Wipe clean and your face from the bottom up ....... Bathroom Strawberry: Fruit excellent for thin skin dry touch it because they earn so soft and delicate With the assistance of fresh strawberries from the farm You need to: a half cup fresh or frozen strawberry cup snomojo Copán water and two tablespoons of your oil Way, "all mixed up consists Balkhalat means you have a soft texture and a boy mix In a pot until warm and Astamelih of hair and that's enough of one toilet .. Mix useful in flushing and give them a vital Ingredients: Tablespoon honey Two tablespoons of ground almonds ½ tsp lemon juice Mix all ingredients together and massage the face and neck Warm water and then sucked and national Baltarpet on your skin a bit, then your face Ajafivi For the freshness of the face mask ********************** Mix a tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of rose water merrily ... and your face and your eyes and your neck is feeding the skin .. Leave to dry until the 2060 minutes Wash with cold water only this mask is good for the small to maintain The Ndharthn once a week ...... For the senior women .. .. To restore youthfulness Also works by the make-up of vitality and vigor and beauty of skin Recipe tighten skin *********************, Hardware + egg white + flour arose + half Avocado pill + lemon juice mixed in a blender And placed on the face, neck and hands for a period of Ten minutes and then wash in cold water Davyetm Mask for the owners of dry skin which gives the effect of significantly Softens and nourishes the skin Half a small cup mayonnaise Egg whites Teaspoon almond oil small National mix ingredients well and then place it on your skin and leave for 15 minutes Remove the mask and then warm water and soap natural Mask useful Egg - half of the lemon juice - tablespoons honey - 3 tablespoons olive oil And the way is: -- Confuse these amounts are placed face clean for ten minutes or quarter of an hour - I mean, to some extent dry Oki ..... Important and far-wash face warm Moo hot water and then warm water tends to be cold .... could be developed Quran after that of the face and dry .. The benefits of the mask: -- White pull face ........... and lemon help to lighten the skin, honey .............. filtering ........... Skin, olive oil, enjoy the skin Natural mask very sweet coffee and eggs Three teaspoons bin Egg whites (skin fat) Egg yolk (for dry skin) Mixes coffee with eggs whisk well Then placed on the face Leave for 15 minutes Rinse face with warm water and cold water The Mask of skinned Elly infested Alqchoraualty show higher nose between the eyes In some areas of the cheek or front where the show is embarrassing, too, after the work of make-up Put a teaspoon sweet almond oil + small two tablespoons of honey + egg Confuse these amounts are placed on the face for a quarter of an hour twice a day after facial wash God willing Chowin difference after two or three Whitening mask white ********************* Blank eggs + a small spoon rose water + a small spoon vinegar Untested Adharbi egg whites only heavily with the rest of the Mixture in order to form the foam you okay Dip the Katana and Mrreha all skin and wait a quarter of an hour And the mixture Mrreha Jhhec again Then doctrinaire blows cold water to revive your skin .... Skin whitening mask: * Bring Almonds (nuts) and soak in the water so you can decorticate it. * Itzhakip and Athanip until you have made powder. * Take 3 tablespoons of this powder and mix with the whites of one egg and a teaspoon of lemon Mix it well with some even converge (for Atstkhaddmi mixer). * Put them on the face and save us from 20-25 minutes. * Relax at this time. * Warm water wash. * Face Ajafvi my attic almond oil. Repeat this procedure daily or whenever Asttotai .. do not hurry to the results after 10 days you'll notice The difference .. Striking off the skin and nail polish as silk -- Two tablespoons of young wheat flour 0 - Honey 0 - Atom yeast 0 - Tablespoon lemon juice 0 - 0 tablespoon olive oil - Tablespoon milk 0 (liquid) 0 Mixing the components and dimensions Tdainha on the face, are you waiting for 10-15 minutes Then clean up the face sponge and water only 0 Use all ten days and claimed the benefit of you notice the first time and 0 is purified skin And Tnamha and fed Almond oil and mint to the black halos ****************************** Sometimes appear around the eyes or eyelid down specific This combination of Teaspoonful of almond oil + spoonful of boiled mint and painted daily On the affected area Balhalac only for a week Twoohaid mask to the skin and whitening SweetAshley Oats milled SweetAshley milk TeeLynne Hey honey, two tablespoons of honey Lin Ttrkinh dry and then wash Net of the skin free from defects Khmerpalberh + milk + olive oil or sweet almond sweet O + O Honey honey + yogurt = Skin is great shine Luster and clarity of drawing attention This mixture varies from one region to another with some additions The result is a natural whiteness and bright and remarkable clarity of the skin the greater the duration, days It is also used for the body and suitable for all skins 1. Lemon juice wash your face twice a week. 2. Compress the work of apricot juice and put it on the face Vtnekaya and strengthening. 3. Massage almond oil, dry skin to lubricate and clean. 4. Painted skin of the face pineapple juice to strengthen him. 5. Fresh carrots without peeling. 6. Uses rice powder with talcum powder to lubricate the skin and absorb sweat. 7. Mash some grains of strawberries and varnishing the face before going to sleep well in the morning, wash with water chervil in order to activate the skin's color and shine away from wrinkles. 8. Used balls juice with milk to wash the face to remove red spots and rashes. 9. Using grape juice to wash the face by a piece of cotton and leave for ten minutes to dry and then wash with lukewarm water with a little bicarbonate of soda in skin care and strengthened. 01. Facial skin painted apple juice to strengthen the cellular level. 11. Parsley juice is used for washing the face twice daily to treat spots and pimples and grain and for bright color of the face morning and evening for a week Bmgli grip of parsley, a pint of water for a quarter of an hour and a half-hearted use of notes. 21. Wash skin with water without salt cooked option worked to smooth the skin and peel option is placed over the forehead and temples and places of wrinkles to go away with repeated treatment. 31. Sprinkle powder over the bean seeds of purifying facial skin and maintain your skin glasses