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How to Sell Your Products

Once you have created your eBooks, you will want to consider how to
actually sell them.
Here is a simple Blue-Print that actually works ...
· Setup a Website or Blog
· Setup an Auto-Responder
· Give Away a Related Bonus
· Create a Great Sequence
· Take Payment
· Deliver Automatic Download
Let's Go Through it Together ...
Setting-up a website from scratch is beyond the scope of this help
section, but you can get a free Blog at Blogger and have it up and
running within minutes - even if you are a complete novice. Get your
free Blogger Blog here ... Blogger
A free Blog can work as well as a website; and provided you regularly
update the Blog adding good relevant articles over time, it can also act
as a traffic generator.
On your website or Blog, add an unblockable Pop-Up offering a free
Bonus Product in return for your visitors email address. You can get a
great free unblockable here ... YouCantBlockThis

To add the Pop-Up to your Blog template requires you to add the HTML
code to your Blog Template. This is not as difficult as it may sound - it's
really just a bit of careful cut-n-paste!
Setup an Auto-Responder
In case you don't know what an auto-responder is (I know I didn't when I
started), it is a service that sends emails out automatically on your behalf
- almost all selling on the internet is done this way!
Your Auto-Responder sequence i.e. your Newsletter or free course or
even just a series of good-quality emails is where your actual selling is
done. Remember that people don't generally come to a site and purchase
a product immediately. However, they may well sign-up for a nice
freebie; and that gives you an opportunity to add their email addresses
into your auto-responder sequence.
There is no question that you should use the Aweber service for this
step. They quite simply provide the best balance of affordability and
quality on the web. There are free auto-responders, but the quality
(delivery) is generally low.
They also have a great help section that will have your autoresponder
setup in no time.
So sign-up for Aweber here ... Aweber
Giving Away a Free Product
Why do you think there are so many free gifts on the internet? It is
because this is a proven way of getting your visitors to sign-up. Once
they do that, they receive your auto-responder sequence - a nice course
or something similar. So give away a Related Bonus. You can get plenty
of great free books to use as bonus products from our Free eBooks
Section right here ... Free Books

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All you need do is send people a nice welcome email after they sign-up;
and include a download link to a free gift. By the way, the above library
of free books is constantly growing, so keep an eye on the site for future
additions too!
Create a Great Auto-Responder Sequence
The best sequences offer real value to a visitor; and simply embed
recommendations in the sequence, so consider giving away a free course
related to the book you are selling.
That way, your visitor gets to see you as an expert in your field and is
much more likely to decide to purchase your offerings.
All you need do is enter your course into your autoresponder with your
recommendations pointing to your sales page(s) - the whole system is
then on auto-pilot!
And, by the way, you can also recommend affiliate products in the same
sequence; and make extra cash that way.
Providing the Download
It's very easy, with Paypal, to take online payments and then send people
to your download page automatically. You can do this when you sell
your books & you can do it when you sell the eWriterProsoftware itself
- full instructions for setting up a PayPal Buy-Now Button are on the
next page.
However, here I just wanted to let you know how easy it is to create
a zip file for your books. Just create a normal folder on your desktop.
Put your compiled PDF into it along with anything else you want to
provide your customers.

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How and when do you want to quit smoking?
There are only two ways to effectively quit smoking, immediately (cold turkey), or gradually. When you quit gradually, you use various methods to taper off before you have that last cigarette. Neither way is better than the other for all people. Pick the one that you feel fits your temperament. Either way, a nicotine patch may prove to be a real benefit in giving up, especially if you are a heavy smoker.

Try this test to see which way is better for you.


Answer the questions by circling  “yes”, “no”, or “not sure”.
1.  Stopping smoking is one of the most important things in the world for me right now. Yes no  not sure
2.  I can handle a tough problem without a smoke.
Yes no  not sure
3. I have to quit smoking and my reasons are good enough to do it now.
Yes no  not sure
4.  If I quit this minute, I know I can find a way to resist the craving to smoke, even if it is strong. Yes no  not sure

If your answer to all of the above questions is ‘yes’, you may be a candidate to quit immediately. But before you do, read on to get the tools necessary to be successful. After reading the following, set a time to quit. If not right now, then tomorrow, but do it.

What about the doubts you may be feeling now?

Most smokers will get a sense of doubt when they read the questions above. You probably are not confident in your ability to follow through with resisting any future craving to smoke, or finding something to substitute for the feelings that smoking has given to you. 
 In order to have the confidence to quit, you :
(1)  must find an alternative to handle the urge to smoke, when it hits, and 
(2)  create ways to deal with the reasons that you smoked in the first place. 
Together we will accomplish both these tasks so that when the day comes that you had planned to quit, you will be confident to do it.


There are several weapons that you can use in your fight to quit. 
You may use one, all, or a combination of several to achieve your goal. The urge to smoke is immediate, and usually lasts for five minutes. If you can resist for that period of time, you reduce the urge.
1.  Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and exhale as if you had just taken your first puff on a cigarette. Part of the feeling you get from smoking is a direct result of taking a deep breath. A deep breath allows you to take in a maximum amount of oxygen, and exhaling lets out large quantities of carbon dioxide. This results in a feeling of relaxation. Try it, you’ll see.
2.  Take a sip of water several times during this five minute period. It can help to diminish the need to smoke, and gives you something to do with your hands. The extra water will also help to flush the nicotine out of your body.
3.  Put something in your mouth that has no calories, such as a stirrer, toothpick, or another substitute for a cigarette.
4.  Get busy with something, anything, to keep you busy for the next five minutes.
5.  As long as it does not lead to a craving, chew a piece of gum or a piece of hard candy. Life Savers work well.
6.  Get up and move around for five minutes. It will help the urge to smoke to pass.
7.  Use a nicotine patch as replacement therapy.


According to health care experts, if you smoke, you will be twelve times more likely to die from lung cancer.  Now let’s just think for one short moment: wouldn’t it be very important for you to increase your chances of living from two to twelve times longer, gain many extra years of happy, healthy existence, and save thousands of dollars in increased medical costs?

·        10 times more likely to die from Cancers of the mouth, throat, and esophagus risks.
·        12 times more likely to die from lung cancer or some form of lung diseases.
·        10 times more likely to die from cancer of the larynx.
·        6 times more likely to die of heart disease.
·        And you will be twice as likely to die of a stroke.

Another overlooked benefit is the amount of money saved by not buying cigarettes in the first place.  For example;  If you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day at $2.00 per pack, you spend $730 per year. If your habit has continued for a period of 15 years you will have spent an incredible $10,950! If you smoke two packs for that same period of time, you will spend $21,900!

If you want to help yourself to be successful, you need to be able to answer the following two questions:

1) What can you do to reduce the desire to smoke every time it hits you ?
2) What will you do until the urge passes?

With the information contained in this Ebook, I will give you the ammunition you need in this war against tobacco. You will be able to resist the urge to smoke every time it hits you and you will be able to resist it until the urge passes.  Next, you will need to deal with the reasons that you smoke now. What kind of satisfaction does smoking give you - physical, mental, or emotional?