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how Make your videos search-friendly

how Make your videos search-friendly

    One of the ways viewers find your videos is through search – both locally on YouTube and on search engines. This is why you need to make your videos search-friendly. To do this, include your major keywords in the title and in the descriptions. Also, pay special attention to the tags. List as many keywords as relevant in the tags, but beware that you don't get spammy.

      Post in series

    Standalone videos can become a hit but it is best if you create series of videos and post them once a day/week. This way viewers will know that there will be more and they will be coming to check. Even if you don't create series, at least try to post videos regularly – this builds audience loyalty.

Tube Traffic

Tube Traffic

    There are millions of videos on YouTube. If you post a video nobody is interested in, this video will go unnoticed, as millions of other videos. The clue to getting traffic from YouTube is to post useful videos, or even better – viral videos. Viral videos are not only useful videos, but they also tend to appeal to large groups of people. If your video manages to get viral, people will promote it for you and the only thing left for you is to reap the benefits.

    2 Create an interesting profile

    Similarly to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site, an interesting profile is a must. If people like your videos, they will check your profile to learn more about you. When they see that your profile is boring, they won't bother more with you. You can make your profile a bit informal but don't make it as if it were the profile of a crazy teenager – you are using YouTube for business, right?

    3 Include your logo and website in the video

    Your logo and your website URL are your major branding weapons. This is why you must include them in the video. You can include them in the beginning of the video or at the end. It is best to have your logo and URL throughout the whole video because this way you will be gaining lots of exposure but if you can't do it (for instance because of artistic considerations), the beginning and the end of the video will suffice.

    4 Post quality videos

    As already mentioned, there is no shortage of videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, this also means there is no shortage of videos with poor quality. These videos are not favored by viewers, so if you want viewers to watch your videos, make sure that your videos don't have crappy sound and/or blurred pictures. YouTube is not a board for professional videographers, so you can post amateur videos, but make sure their quality is decent.

    5 Promote your videos

    If your videos get viral, you are lucky but you can't count on this. In order to get YouTube traffic, your videos need viewers. You can't rely solely on the fact that viewers will find your videos – you need to promote them. Even viral videos will benefit from a promotion by you.

more Traffic SlideShare for Driving

SlideShare is a social media site – one of the many but also one of the best. However, unlike Twitter or Facebook, you don't share (only) messages - you share presentations instead. Presentations have been used for business and personal needs for decades and they are a popular way to express yourself visually.

On SlideShare you can upload your presentation and if it gets popular, it can be viewed by millions of people. If you know how to make the presentation, you can not only get traffic to your site, but you can also improve your rankings with Google, expand your followship on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Pinterest, etc., attract more subscribers to your newsletter, or boost your brand/reputation online.

If used properly, SlideShare can really do a great job. Here are some tips how to make the most of SlideShare.

How to Make the Most of SlideShare

The rules for becoming popular on SlideShare are not that difficult to understand, though they certainly require lots of effort from you. Here is what you should and shouldn't do, if you want to harness the potential of SlideShare.

1 Upload Only Quality Presentations

The most important rule for success on SlideShare is that your presentations must be of the highest quality only – no exceptions here. This applies not only to content but also to design, so if you feel you lack the skills to create a rocking presentation, you'd better hire somebody else to do it for you, than upload presentations with poor quality.

As for content, usually the most popular presentations are either something sensational, or something incredibly useful, or something that plays with readers' emotions. Still, if your presentation falls in one of these three groups, this isn't a guarantee it will become popular.

When you prepare your presentation, you might want to make it a bit more sensational by exaggeration. Needless to say, this is a very wrong approach and it can turn against you. Your presentations need to be honest and true - don't exaggerate, don't overhype because this will only make users distrust you.

As for the form of the presentation, it is best to save it as PDF rather than .PPS because with so many devices you never know how a .PPS will look like. PDF looks always the same, so stick with it.