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مكرونة الرافيولى Italian

مكرونة الرافيولى Italian

That the food for humans is fuel, which gives it force to continue in the movement and work, but this food although it is important and necessary to humans but it could cause him a lot of damage that did not deal with human wisdom knew commensurate with old وصبيعة work and the state of health and here before that the erosion of we must ask ourselves these questions

*** why eat? *** how to eat? *** anything to eat? *** eat? Through this figure which toxicity (تخ تخ) and the pages of the Code of sources of life will we collect meals from here and there, taking into account the introduction of a lot of change it to suit the answer to our questions former I wish you with chef (تخ تخ (health and wellness,

The amounts qishtah. tomato sauce. any kind مكرونه preferably 1,330 special بالرافيولى stuffed with cheese - Thom would prefer the use of the powder-Basal would prefer the use of the powder - Bharat cheese برمجان.

Preparation method ************ 1,330 in addition to oil and urgent if 1,330 special بالرافيولى does not need urgent way الصلصه preparation:

And the Yuhmur lowland onions, garlic and insert-tomato sauce and swing جيدااذا mix was a heavy eases slightly with water and forestall the process of addendum tomato sauce until it becomes lone الصلصه an orange add spices and leave it until it becomes the strength of الصلصه somewhat heavy mixes with 1,330 الصلصه and submission either تضعى جبنه programmes on the face and Bharat or تضعيها furnace of cheese melts
With the greetings of the Code of sources of life let us live life

Remember when choosing your husband

Remember when choosing your husband ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Remember when choosing your husband %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% But today the concepts of mixing and the diversity of opinions and the difficulty in differentiating between the good and the ugly in some things and the difficulty of choosing between such things for a girl (Choice of husband) It could be argued that a marriage for girls is divided into: - 1 - type of the view that marriage should be an opportunity for girls Tguetnsa a concern of all the world, and this product would satisfy any pair knock on the door (much less in the areas of education and awareness and rural areas) they are applying the wrong ideals, in my opinion, the Egyptian (not under the man under the wall) and the fact that not all men under the Tstzl Alemraep 2 - develop a type of physical descriptions of them was the owner of the Sultan, or Jah, or who are the majority
3 - looking for a type of ethics, values and principles they are wise people, a minority
class does not know what he wants has been unable to determine the specifications of the partner (the most marital unhappiness in their lives) and has put Islam in the modern wife Aseslakttiar defined and which is likely the debt on the rest of the items and can also apply these foundations to choose a husband for the girl But there are some things you're looking for a lot of girls in the forward to marriage and want to find a way to know these things (the type of person strong or weak - the taste of the public has - he has self-love - and other things that the girl had refused to come, because she could not know There is a beautiful sense says (one hidden under the tongue) that any talk about rights is disclosed without awareness of it How so? Hap people from coming into contact with others divided into three (Basri - audio - sensory) Optic view of the flag around him through the pictures and Eye Loves to hear noise and is the choice of words
Focus attention on the sensory perception and a sense of feeling Knowlenowledge of these things help the girl to choose her husband, as also help the young man, therefore, each person must learn the art of communicating with others ut how can we discern from the figure, through his words to us? If much of his speech: -- I - I do not like - I hate - like my opinion - I am free - Mlish up call - that person is selfish love control
Makther in his words: -- We are - what your opinion - I love Rick income - no work - we do not Aychen alone - this person loves Aihb control and cooperation His voice is often higher for the year Aihterm taste contrast to the
ow voice Which is overly compensate for a lack of interest Bmnzerh what he Who always speaks in nonsense things and will little foot (This is the reality of limited experience)
Let us always remember that (many of tolerance + = few reproach a better life) (an article from
Source / article of كتاباتى With regards the Code of the sources of life Let us live life

The stock market and the limited experience

The stock market and the limited experience

There is no doubt that investment in stock market investment, a quick profit as it is also rapid loss
And trade shares, even though it is a science and art, the fundamentals of
Practitioner goes to find this trade often the basis of these rules and may collapse and crash in front of the vagaries of the markets or the collapse of prices
Therefore, through my experience may be limited, say the following: --
1 - the stock market usually takes three consecutive The stock market and the limited experience
meetings, or up and down by alternately
2 - Share of Medm Aestmr rise or decline in more than 3 or 4 consecutive meetings
3 - the rise of every fall and every fall, followed by followed by the rise of both the shares or stock

4 - Trade in shares of little value from trade him safer value
5 - the direction of speculators in the stock market usually takes a one-way for a number of stocks in one sector of the sectors and then turn to another section
6 - Trade stock market requires knowledge of many of the news (of gold and oil prices - News and the Arab world stock markets - news companies and sectors - a study in which all the shares - and many others)
7 - not everyone can be traded on the stock market and I mean anyone not understand the trade in the stock market and this is what causes the loss of many of the people
***** And final code (sources of life) wishes everyone success
Let us live life

Back to flowersFlower arranging

Back to flowers

Flower arranging
@ @ @ @

Is the art of flower arrangement has its own
Many of us practice these techniques automatically during the preparation of a bouquet of pink flowers or coordination in the house.
It is said that there are eight ways to coordinate the flowers, namely: --
1 - asymmetric coordination
2 - asymmetric coordination
3 - vertical coordination
4 - horizontal coordination
5 - Coordination of radiation
6 - Coordination Ring
7 - Coordination Alhilali
8 - Tensbak "Huajjart" / coordination of the letter "
Whatever way, the coordination of different flowers, as is the art of taste-based coordination, because coordination is the art of flowers and the beauty and taste
That is the philosophy and foundations of art and ways to meet an entity to be a beautiful view of the significant symbolic Aoicon story. The irony is that beauty is in the models, a sense of the meaning away from the physical
The hot philosophers in the expression of this beauty, Some expressed the proportion of them are seen in the coordination and arrangement, and of whom he saw on the compatibility of the color or composition.
Has resulted in the proliferation and complexity of people's interests and the necessity of continuing the community in a coherent and not contot contradictory to give up rights on the freedom of so many upright life in this community so it rights to the material
Perhaps the truth is that the coordination of flowers, has taken the same route. After the nature and the only critical voice in the composition of the natural beauty of the paintings, including development of various plants without control rights in the types or trends or similarities, the development of this art has been influenced by the environment enter the human civility and refinement planning and upgrading the symbol of his life that individuals and social groups, and inevitably of wars and periods of conflict and
Peace, but that the composition and coordination of the nature of a country effect in the formation of artistic taste of the people and this coordination is to be credible representation of the age and the ethics and behavior of all the people
Let us go back to the flowers we find comfort in public mental lost with the modern civil
With regards the Code of the sources of life Let us live life

@ $ $ Back to the flowers @ $ $

@ $ $ Back to the flowers @ $ $
There is no doubt that we are living today in a world where Madt terms of physical and social concerns, which led to the large number of stress became the man in desperate need of a place of mental rest more than ever
There is no doubt that many people could not travel to tourist areas and in some cases, the global local find comfort in reason may be due to a lack of physical capacity or part-time
In any case, the man in need of comfort, such as the psychological need to eat and drink since man is a soul and body and their respective requirements
And I'm on the pages of my blog (the sources of life) will make this encyclopedia
A return to the flowers as the best place to find where the rights of mental rest is the place which contains the natural flowers and plants
Which have a psychological impact on human comfort
Let us live life

With a return to the Guinness Book of Flowers
The code on the pages of the sources of life
The whereabouts of flowers
Such as flowers and other plants found in nature in forests and on the shores of rivers and valleys and then came to many rights, such as the domestication of plants and ts and animals and home gardens have been allocated and the parks and other
Benefits of flowers for the people
Experiences and research confirmed the benefits of flowers to the human eye when viewed by the rest it is given away from the visual pollution and the ambient air by the pure and free of pollution and when inhaled, it filters the blood of toxic substances

With the impact of anesthetic and sedation, but gives a sense of human happiness as well as benefits in the treatment of many diseases. Scientists also found that the flowers produce electromagnetic waves and vibrations have an effect equivalent to a rapid nerve shipments harmful in the human body and its reactions are a result of psychological and mental balance of the individual
The smells of flowers but for a clear impact on other aspects such as the intelligent and mild-tempered and happiness
A recent study has shown that there is a strong correlation between the smells of flowers and to maximize the performance of the
Of the functions of the brain, where .. Show that the individual becomes more accurate and increase the performance and ability to focus and be stronger if the memory
Impregnated in the fragrance of flowers ..
And reduce the smell of flowers from the sharp fluctuations in mood associated with the menstrual cycle stopped at the Women's Soft ease Vattr ..
The fluctuations in mood resulting from hormonal disorders .. can also benefit from the smells of flowers at the followers of
Diet to lose weight when it was revealed that inhaling the scent of aromatic gives a sense of satiety.
And also to the impact of the smells of flowers on the brain cells responsible for a particular situation Emotional lift as the fragrances of flowers
Morale and give a sense of happiness ..
In addition, oil is used as flowers lenitive of the skin is also working on tightening the skin and gives glasses
Drops, as well as add it to the bathtub activates blood circulation and improves mood and reduces tension and sadness ..
Lord wonderful ability to calm the anger of his rights when, neurological and disturbing
mnzerh not only beautiful, but the scent Alfoahp.

Researchers are advised to develop a person angry Qtrtin oil rose to a handkerchief and breathe deeply smell

For several minutes, then to feel calm and relaxation.

Flowers .. Speed up recovery after surgery

It is here we find the importance of home gardens, public and raising flowers in the house
The code on the pages of the sources of life will explain how to return to the flowers To meet in the second

سيلحة حول العالم -- السياحة فى جزر هاواى

_ السياحة فى جزر هاواى
هاواي هي ولاية أمريكية على شكل أرخبيل من الجزر في المحيط الهادي تبلغ مساحته 166,642 كم. بحسب إحصائات السكان لعام 2000، فإن عدد سكان هاواي هو 1,211,537 نسمة. هنولولو هي العاصمة وأكبر المدن، تتكون هاواي من 19 جزيرة رئيسية.
هاواي هي آخر الولايات التي إنضمت إلى الإتحاد الأمريكي، ولدى الولاية العديد مما يميزها عن غيرها. فبالإضافة إلى إحتلالها لآخر حد في الجنوب الأمريكي، بمعنى أنه لا توجد ولاية أخرى تقع جنوبها، فهي الولاية الوحيدة التي تقع بالكامل في المناطق الاستوائية. وكواحدة من الولايتين اللتان تقعان خارج التواصل الجغرافي للولايات المتحدة (الولاية الأخرى هي ألاسكا)، هي الوحيدة التي ليس لها أراضي تابعة لأي قارة وهي الوحيدة التي تزداد مساحتها باستمرار بسبب النشاط البركاني وتدفق الحمم البركانية، وبشكل خاص في جزيرة كيلاو Kīlauea. سكانيا، هي الولاية الأمريكية الوحيدة التي لا يوجد فيها أغلبية من البيض كما أنها واحدة من ثلاث فقط لا يشكل فيها البيض ذوي الأصول غير الأمريكية الجنوبية والوسطى أغلبية وفيها نسبة عالية من الأمريكيين الآسيويين. بيئيا وزراعيا، تعتبر هاواي عاصمة الأنواع المهددة بالانقراض في العالم وهي المكان الوحيد الذي تعتبر فيه صناعة القهوة جزءا من الإنتاج الصناعي في الولايات الأمريكية المتحدة. كما أن من أهم منتجات هاواي الزراعية هي الأناناس والموز وقصب السكر وجوز الهند.
اكتشفها الكابتن كوك عام 1778 م وظلت تابعة للتاج البريطاني فترة طويلة، وكانت في تلك الفترة تحت حكم 4 ملوك محليين، استطاعت الملكة ليليوكالاتي توحيدها في مملكة واحدة، وكانت تأمل أن تنضم للولايات المتحدة، إلا أن الولايات المتحدة رفضت فكرة الضم في بادئ الأمر، ثم أعلنت بها جمهورية 1884 من جانب الأمريكين المقيمين بها، وفي عام 1898 م صوت الكونجرس في صالح ضم هاواي، وأصبحت جزء من الولايات المتحدة، وتكونت ولاية هاواي عام 1900
نقلا عن ويكبيديا الموسوعة الحرة

Tourism in Hawaii

Hawaii is a U.S. state in the form of an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean with an area of 166.642 km. According to population statistics for 2000, the population of Hawaii is 1,211,537 people. Hnololo is the capital and largest city of Hawaii is composed of 19 main islands.
Hawaii is the last States which accedh acceded to the American Union, and the state, which distinguishes it from many others. In addition to occupying the last extent in the American South, in the sense that there was no mandate other is south, it is the only state that lies entirely in the tropics. As one of the states, which are located outside the territorial contiguity of the United States (the other is the state of Alaska),
Is the only one that does not Tourism in Hawaii
have any land of the continent is the only area which is constantly because of volcanic activity and lava flows, in particular on the island of Here Kīlauea. Scania is the only U.S. state where there is no majority of the eggs as it is one of only three in which non-white ethnic South and Central America and the majority of the high proportion of Asian Americans. Environmentally and agriculturally, the capital of Hawaii is the endangered species in the world, which is the only place where the coffee industry Part of industrial production in the United States. It is also the most important agricultural products are the Hawaiian pineapple, banana and sugar cane and coconuts.
Discovered by Captain Cook in 1778 and remained a British Crown for a long time, and in that period under the rule of local kings 4, the Queen was able to Iliokalaty unification of the Kingdom is one, and had hoped to join the United States, the United States has rejected the idea of annexation in the first instance, then announced by the Republic of 1884 by the American residents, and in 1898 Congress voted in favor of the annexation Hawaii, and became part of the United States, and formed the State of Hawai'i in 1900 Quoting the Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

The problem of the poor "," "or a" problem of the rich

The problem of the poor "," "or a" problem of the rich
The world is today to what the global financial crisis and the apparent name suggests that the bankruptcy has hit the world and was on his way to seek the aid of the inhabitants of Mars, which was spent on the search for the population of billions on the back I was asking myself
Why spend billions of the world's population in the search for Mars or some other means? My ignorance and did not know they might ask them if it hit it hit the aid of our bankruptcy, as the case now also claim
And we hear every day on billions of currency appropriate to the various companies and banks to bankruptcy Nchalha
If the world has all these billions and Vine is the true essence of the crisis
Indeed, it is not the crisis in the lack of money, but the crisis in the large number of any money that came from this crisis, many funds that did not improve utilization of the world believes in help him to live in prosperity and Azdhar
From the outset and Nbde
Initially, you made the world of the poor first - how?
I mean, who does not have the world reduction Luxuries Itp advanced industries in which we come out every day in the new world of welfare Alkmabp
And I stand with this description
This poor world has LANGRES the temptations of the well-being produced by these companies has Altytaln bankruptcy balances of these banks now, which is now called the bankruptcy
Luxuries such money has drained the country of its poor and money to spend who Asubho Luxuries income more than doubling times of one of their number (this is the way for the installment)
Whenever any of these companies for goods Madt percentage of their goods and prices rose until they reached the astronomical figures (Take for example, cars and apartments) and other
Gentlemen It is strange that these poor countries have been looking at how to provide Luxuries and monitor these funds instead of spending the money in the reclamation of the land and the establishment of industries which serve the production
Hence, with the passage of time, these countries have become consumers of RvaheatRvaheat and fundamentals on both end
Say income for those countries with less income of its members say that his ability to buy such Luxuries for simplicity that has become unable to meet the Asasyate of the food and drink so much so that one of its members become unable to find a loaf of bread, not pizza

Levels of luxury goods, which are the product of these companies and banks

The World Suddenly Ishawwa to bankruptcies and the loss of jobs everywhere

And research, discussions and conferences held in the morning and evening, if the

The sun has brightened, and sent us instead of bankruptcies rays
And after all that the world is to save these companies money collected by the

Over the years, the last of these consumers of these Luxuries

Awareness that he was able to impose that will save these companies and banks

I doubt it
To save these poor people who Ansaqgua behind the temptations of the rich than those of producing Rvaheat?
Certainly no one
The result is more of the poor
And more of the famine
And more conflicts
The rich will not solve the problem because it is simply linked to the improvement of the conditions of the poor consumers of their products
Is the Is the problem then is the problem of poor or rich?
By Engineer
abohasen abdala ali
Greetings from the code (sources of life)
Let us live life

Mind where he went

There is no doubt that the major reason given the blessing of the Creator of human beings
Value, but did not know if you imagined without the mind or I thought that there had been a flaw in your head
And compared, which you are now Bhlk while inspecting
What do you think that we imagine ourselves without a moment of simple mind and how the conditions are?
How can our actions with those around us of people and things?
Come Nbde ""
You are without a mind you have received in the fire of burning yourself or received from the roof of your home o home or crossing the street full of speeding cars without awareness
And then a corpse on the asphalt road

** Question?
You yourself is holding a cigarette and Tdechnha remain for years and leave Anyidamhec disease
You drink yourself from drugs and alcohol and if you want to lose your mind
And render the mind
Where is your gold?
Come Nbde "" "
You are not the mind and a lot of money you have received it in the street or give it to the Marine had no awareness or received in the implementation of fire does not know the value of the money
** Question?
You are a reasonable claim to
Why had such hopes for cabaret dancers on the head and to drink alcohol in bars and buy the bottle was much the same price?
Where is your gold?
** Come Nbde ""
You are a student, you you you are in your manual to get the teaching of science
Is not it?
Why leave school and she roams the streets and in your face on Noasiha
And out of harm's tongue on the way of obscene language and offensive words
For this and that?
And you know that there is in the last year and test the success and failure
Why Drosk and left the school and the education of reason, you?
Then the result comes the end of the year and then say you learned that the cause of sedimentary conditions
Or has appointed you to touch
In fact, you yourself are appointed, but does not see the truth
You think sometimes Baklk
Ask this question
Mind where he went?
By / Engineer
Abohasen abdala ali

Greetings from the code (sources of life)
Let us live life

Child care before the birth

Child care before the birth Many thought that the child care starts from birth, but the truth is that this care starts before birth One of these things, which should take care of it:: --- ** Agtmam the health of the mother Altytwther directly to the health of the fetus ** The psychological state of the mother that have an impact Mbacraly the situation of children and recent studies have proved ** Follow-up continued throughout the period of pregnancy when doctors specialists ** Processing needs of the child care crisis, including: -- Teas is Flannels have the ligaments of the internal confusion and for ease of Why Hamas May without I think the baby tear you have buttons or Arefnha
And also how Vanellat half and Kate, born in the summer and Vanellat information given by you born in the autumn and winter
Also forget to buy the bond from the navel of Hatay and about four parts of the
There Abannatil generation soft and light cotton Hey also necessary to protect it in the summer of Altzlkhat In Ptdvy al WINTER
As to clothing House --- Amutiry clothes home to be a smooth, comfortable and somewhat wide - A thermometer to measure temperature Pepe water bath and measuring the temperature of the same Albeby
Pack of vaseline Geely Or any decent anti-exfoliation
Packaging diapers size newborn
Glassy alcohol to clean the navel of the Baby ----- Atenseen and medical cotton bag
Tissues fragrant bag of clean Albeby be specific to the type of children In the end, Welcome to the guest floor and wish you happiness and pleasure God and Ajark vanity Greetings from the code (sources of life) is the life we live Us http://sourcesoflife- sourcesoflife.

Children and a network of net - www

Children and a network of net - www
There is no doubt that the impact on the global information network, namely the child, who can deal with the net and with that provided by the network of services for children and mostly games and entertainment
But the network may be harmful to children if there is no guidance from the adults for these children in the optimal utilization of the web
Nevertheless, there are many specialized sites to provide many services for children
And therefore must be parents to their children, the constant monitoring and guidance to them the right to use this technique to talk wisely and develop their knowledge and ideas
For example, things that can be learned of the child of the network
Learning different languages
Education, programming languages
Teaching skills
Learning how to extract information
In the end, we wish the best with all the time --- www

Greetings code (sources of life) is the life we live Us

Tourism in Egypt (2)


Tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh
Is the best known tourist city in the Sinai, the development of tourist activity significantly in recent years is the importance of the Sharm el-Sheikh, located at the head of the Red Sea when it is fork in the Aqaba and Suez Gulfs leading to a more exclusive environment is the key element in the tourist attractions .. Therefore, there are around and the most important nature reserves in Ras Mohammed and Nabak. In the face of the Sharm el-Sheikh there Snaver Islands of Tiran and the Gulf of Aqaba at the entrance .. One of the most important Their head or the head of the Christian as well as the head of Mr. Muhammad.
The Sharm el-Sheikh of the latest areas of recreation and relaxation in the world, in over a decade in which the 150 most hotels are designed to be a resort, that is, sing the same hotel as tourists looking for comfort and relaxation in another place, where all Valphendq and entertainment, and there are restaurants, luxury and happy tourists, including its eastern and western food, in addition to the cafes and bars in the tourist know whether to choose between them, are multiple activities, from horseback riding or play tennis, or theme Children, water skiing or diving or scuba diving trips or to enjoy the wealth of water and natural water in which the tourists to see the sea in a boat on the glass

Area south of Ras Mohamed.
Region of the head or master - and even the beginning of the region Altaor north the Gulf of Aqaba.
There is also a region of more than 20 training center recognized by the diving world and is given to intern for a diving license and be inspected by international organizations (PADI)

And come from all parts of the world visitors to enjoy the atmosphere and the sea and water sports area, which serves more than 50 hotels and 100 Diving Center.

Sport fishing:

It is known that the region has the largest amount of different types of ornamental fish and fish and fishing are the work of global annual competitions involving the professional sport of fishing from all over the world and provide them with awards.

Sharm El-Sheikh Tourism reserves:

Ras Mohammed:

The area of Ras Mohamed and Tiran Islands Snaver and a nature reserve in 1983 the first nature reserve in Egypt and the reserve is located at the confluence of the Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Aqaba in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, about 12 kilometers from the city of Sharm el-Sheikh and approximately 70 kilometers from the city of Tur .

This information is quoted from Egypt State Information Service